Semalt Expert From Islamabad Explains What Spam Blocker Is

A spam blocker is an effective tool to deal with unwanted emails. This anti-spam program is different from the commonly used spam filter programs and blocks the majority of spam within seconds. Using a spam blocker, you can easily prevent yourself from receiving useless and spam emails. The spam blocker prevents 85% of the unwanted emails from reaching the inbox, including viruses and meaningless messages. Some spam blockers can even delete 99% of the spam within seconds.

Sohail Sadiq, a leading expert from Semalt, elaborates here on how spam blockers work.

The spam block software and tools function through the mail server email accounts, inspecting the accounts for spam emails. Spam blockers delete both viruses and suspicious emails and help you get rid of the adult images and content. Moreover, the messages deemed unsure are easily quarantined, including bulk newsletters and promotional emails. It takes immediate actions by deleting the emails, and these actions are stored to create adaptive filtering rules.

What Features Should You Look for in a Spam Blocker?

When it comes to selecting the spam blockers, you should always look for the program that is more compatible with your email service than other similar software. Also, you must consider factors such as the ease of installation, levels of blockage provided, and the costs of the spam block programs.

The Difference between a Spam Filter and a Spam Blocker

A spam filter can organize emails marked as spam into specific folders, while a spam blocker can prevent you from receiving useless messages and images. It means you don't need to spend time in deleting the suspicious email as they are automatically deleted with the spam blockers. That is why it is usually favored by webmasters and businessmen who don't want to deal with spammers at all.

Advantages of Installing a Spam Blocker

A spam blocker is easy to install, and you don't need to change its settings again and again. Moreover, it lets you keep the existing email addresses save permanently. As it deletes the spam, the spam blocker saves your time and prevents from dealing with unwanted emails. You can also reduce the risks of viruses and can achieve success as a businessman.

What's the Price of a Spam Blocker?

The spam blockers mostly require monthly fees. The cost depends on the level of protection, its features, and properties. On an average, a spam blocker will cost you something from $3.00 to $25 per month. Many software houses offer free trials to allow the users download free spam blockers with limited features and options. You can use a free spam blocker for fifteen to thirty days, after which you will have to pay a fee.

What to Look for in a Spam Blocker?

The best spam blockers are customizable by the users. One of its main features is the ability to prevent and block the spam emails. If you have chosen a spam blocker that promises to block the unwanted emails, you have made the right choice. Make sure it meets your requirements and fits the applications and services you use.

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